Demibug Studio
Based in Warsaw, Poland

Steam Early Access launch date:
July 11th, 2019

Planned release date:
4th quarter of 2019


Demibug is a one-person independent game studio founded in 2017 by Marcin Michalski (previously working on such titles as Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3, The Witcher 2, Gwent and Darkwood), based in Warsaw, Poland. FurryFury is the first game of the studio.

FurryFury is a dynamic beast-rolling physics-based online arena brawl, where the deceivingly cute beasts settle their differences by rolling and smashing against one another in a deadly arenas. Play solo, with a friend (or against him), beat the challenges or battle other players online.


Physics-based gameplay
Aim, roll, sit back and enjoy watching things bounce and explode. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Fast paced, simultaneous turns
Plan together with your teammate to launch devastating combos.

Beasts evolving over the course of a match
Harass your enemies or focus on increasing your strength and unlocking skills to harass them even more (you can still do both at once if you're awesome).

Become a ghost
Did you just got smashed? No worries! You'll come back to 'life' as a ghost to actively bother the enemies with your presence.

Co-op challenges
The same mission played with a friend may offer different challenge and appropriate rewards.
Craft your rewards
There are many beasts to play as, and each of them has different set of attributes and skills. But you can also customize their move effect, victory quote and more. During the game you gain ingredients which can by used to craft desired Customizable - no duplicates guaranteed!


Trailer ( youtube ):

Screenshots, wallpapers and logo:
download all pictures as .zip file here .

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- "With all the possibilities, mechanics and tactics, FurryFury still has a very low entrance threshold and can be played very casually."
- Stuart Brown, Indie Game Magazine